What happens if I downgrade?

In this article, you will learn about what will happen to your App after you downgrade your plan and go to the FREE plan.


Last Update 2 years ago

Some features will be limited

After you downgrade your plan, you still have access to App’s features. However, you will not able to use some of the features for the Pro Plan as the list below:

  • Only 1 bundle can be created.
  • Can not select variants when you add the product to a bundle.
  • Can not control which product page you want to display bundle.
  • Can not embed bundle code.

This means that all the bundles you have created will be reset to their default settings, including:

  • The section where you can choose which product page the created bundle widget should display on will remain unchanged, however, it will no longer be editable.
  • The embed codes for bundles that you pasted will be hidden.

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